More Than Ever: We Must ‘Back the Blue’

January 8, 2024

Last week the National Fraternal Order of Police released the numbers for officers shot in 2023. The numbers are truly disturbing.

378 officers shot: This is the highest number since they have started tracking the data and represents a 60% increase since 2018.

115 ambush style attacks

46 officers murdered by gunfire.

Police officers represent some of the very best in our communities. They go places we don’t want to go, see things we don’t want to see, and often deal with people in their worst moments.

When the alarm at Novel Iron goes off at 2am, it is the police officers who meet me there, clear the building and walk in front of me each step of the way. I’ll never forget during one of those late-night checks at Novel, one of the officers telling me that he was more attentive than ever to vehicles coming up behind him, especially at night. Despite the risks, these officers carry themselves with professionalism during a time where law enforcement is facing unprecedented scrutiny and criticism.

Law enforcement is such an important part of our communities and I’m proud to say that I’ve been an avid supporter of our police since before it became a hot political topic during the 2010s.

Through the Working Dog Foundation, I’ve been proud to lead Novel in support of law enforcement by providing quite a few dogs to police, including the first bomb dog given to the state of NH after 9/11. Currently, we pay for all the medical needs of the Greenland Police Department’s comfort dog “Willow.” Willow is used to help build bridges between the police and the community, especially with young people in school.

In Congress, I will continue to support the brave men and women of law enforcement. Whether it be advocating for the proper funding of our police or standing with them in the push for bail reform to stop letting career criminals back on the streets, I will be a fighter and advocate on their behalf.

So, if you get the opportunity, be sure to take a moment and thank our police for all their hard work and for the sacrifices they make in our communities.