Tackling Inflation: As a nation, we have to start spending responsibly. As a business owner, I know what it means to be fiscally responsible. In Congress, we need to be willing to address more single issue bills so we can judge each expenditure on its merits.

Returning to Energy Independence: Energy costs are a real concern for the people of New Hampshire, especially surrounding the cost of heating. President Biden has handcuffed American energy production and has made us beholden to foreign powers for fuel. In Congress, I will advocate for American energy production and independence.

Dealing with Immigration: We have to close the southern (and northern) border immediately. The dangers of unchecked migration are scary. From members of the terror watch list crossing the border to the flood of drugs that are damaging our communities and destroying lives, we have an obligation to put an end to this chaos on the border. Also, there are people who work hard to come to America the legal way and it is such a dishonor to them, and all Americans, to incentivize illegal immigration by providing free phones and free healthcare. You can view my full immigration plan here.

Strengthening Public Safety: Our police are facing serious issues like homelessness and the drug crisis (which is fueled by the border) and we have to have their backs. As a member of Congress, I will always support law enforcement, and will be an advocate on issues like bail reform and mental health which is burdening our police and hurting our communities in places like Manchester.

Addressing Mental Health: As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I have seen first hand how our healthcare system is broken, especially as it relates to access, cost, and staffing. Rural health and mental health have been significantly affected which is evidenced by our nation facing the highest suicide rate in over 80 years. This also ties into public safety since so many law enforcement encounters are with those who are struggling with mental health issues.

Standing up for New Hampshire: It was the honor of a lifetime to swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution during my time in the Army reserves. In Congress, I will proudly reaffirm my oath to stand up for the freedoms and interests of the people of New Hampshire first and foremost, including our 2nd Amendment rights.