86 Percent of Americans Agree on Something

February 13, 2024

The number of issues that 86% of Americans agree on seems pretty small given the political polarization we have seen as of late. However, there is one thing, according to a recent poll, on which a massive majority of Americans agree.

86 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden is too old to serve as President! Despite polarization, this is a point of overwhelming agreement among Americans, and I believe that is because the evidence is clear for all to see.

The recently released Special Counsel report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents went into detail on his mental state when they interviewed him. The report obviously contains some alarming statements about Biden’s health, but to most Americans its nothing they haven’t already seen on TV. They’ve seen him struggle immensely when speaking publicly, talking about recently meeting with foreign leaders who actually died over 20 years ago, and constantly getting lost on stage after a speech.

However, I think the actual reason 86% of Americans say he is too old is because most people realize his presidency has been a disaster.

  • They see the chaos at our nation’s borders, that Biden has allowed, and that he is refusing to fix it.
  • They see their grocery bills constantly on the rise and realize their dollars go a lot less farther than before Joe Biden took office.
  • They look at the destabilization of the world that has taken place under Biden and see how he has constantly emboldened our enemies and failed our allies.

But all of this hasn’t stopped Chris Pappas from putting party loyalty above all else. Pappas continues to defend Biden’s mental fitness and track record even though the majority of his constituents and Americans can see the failures of this Administration.

I am running against Chris Pappas because I got tired of complaining about the serious issues facing our country and I wanted to be a part of the solution. Chris Pappas is happy to be a rubber stamp for his party and the status quo, and I think New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District deserves actual representation in Washington DC.

Together, we can make a difference for New Hampshire and America.