Joe Biden Owns the Border Crisis

March 8, 2024

Joe Biden gave his State-of-the-Union speech last night and if you didn’t watch it, you certainly didn’t miss much. However, what made the speech notable to me was the absolute dishonesty he displayed as he attempted to deflect blame for the border crisis to Republicans. Unfortunately for Joe Biden and radical democrats like Chris Pappas, the American people know the truth.

When Joe Biden took office in 2021, he inherited a well-managed and secure southern border. He took that secure border and, through reckless open-border policy pursued via executive action, he turned it into a complete disaster.

Joe Biden has brought back policies like “catch and release” which lets illegal immigrants know that they will be released into the US, even if they are caught by border patrol. This incentivizes people to make the dangerous trip to the southern border because they know they have a really good chance of gaining entry whether they are apprehended or not.

Biden has also incentivized illegal immigrants by providing countless free benefits. Many are receiving free housing, free transportation, free cellphones, and now Biden wants to give them free healthcare through the Veterans Administration (VA). These benefits send the message loud and clear for people to cross our border no matter the laws they might break.

Meanwhile, I have had legal immigrants work for my company who had to wait years just to attain a visa and come to America the legal way. My grandmother legally immigrated to this country in 1913 and didn’t ask for, or receive, a single government handout. The Biden Administration’s open border policy and incentive structure for illegal immigration is a direct insult to the countless individuals who came here the right way.

Joe Biden is responsible for the chaos we have seen on the border, and he has been supported each step of the way by Chris Pappas. Pappas has supported Biden and the open borders policy of the Administration, and that is one of the reasons I am running to replace him in Congress.

Unlike Chris Pappas, I will be a voice in Congress for closing the border and stopping the incentivization of illegal immigration. The American people, and those patiently waiting in line to migrate legally, deserve that!