It’s Clearly Election Season for Chris Pappas

March 15, 2024

In an interview this week on Jack Heath’s radio show, Chris Pappas spoke about the crisis at our southern border, and I have to be honest with you, it became very clear that Congressman Pappas is feeling the heat of election season.

Pappas discussed how he had set up a “border security task force” of what he called “pragmatic democrats” to address the crisis. He said that it is “an issue that should transcend politics and it’s long past the time for posturing.”

Here’s the problem for Chris Pappas, 3 years ago, Joe Biden took office and was given a secure border. However, with the support of democrats like Pappas, Biden completely destroyed both the security of the border and the morale of Border Patrol.

If Chris Pappas were serious about addressing the border, he would spend less time on “task forces” and instead call on President Biden to reinstate the policies that were helping secure the border 3 short years ago. From “Remain in Mexico” policies to not providing free benefits for illegal migrants, there are plenty of solutions we know work that Pappas should be pushing Biden on right now.

The problem is that Pappas doesn’t want to actually address the border crisis and upset his own party; he just knows that it is an election year and that voters are demanding accountability for the chaos at the border. Like every issue in DC, Chris Pappas is too focused on defending his party bosses to worry about standing up for his constituents and their concerns.

I am running for Congress because we need a change. I have led from the front on the issue of border security from Day 1 on this campaign and I will continue to lead as a Representative of New Hampshire in Washington. We must secure our borders and ensure our immigration system rewards those who come to America legally while stopping those who attempt to enter illegally, not vice-versa.

Granite Staters deserve true leadership on this issue as do the countless Americans who immigrated to America legally. As a proud American, Granite Stater, and granddaughter to a legal immigrant; I will provide that leadership on immigration.