Joe Biden is Weak: And Mexico Knows It

March 26, 2024

Greenland, NH – Today, conservative CEO and psychiatric nurse practitioner, Hollie Noveletsky, responded to recent comments by the President of Mexico where he attempted to blackmail the United States over the crisis at the southern border.

In an interview on 60 Minutes, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador threated to allow an even heavier tide of illegal immigration across America’s southern border unless certain demands were met. The demands included lifting the Cuban embargo, lifting sanctions on Venezuela, legalizing law-abiding Mexican’s in the US, and $20 billion a year to Latin American nations.

“This is diplomatic blackmail, and it is all caused by Joe Biden’s weakness on the world stage. Around the world, everyone knows that Joe Biden is weak, and that means that countries, including Mexico, have been testing how much they can push the US during his administration,” said Noveletsky. “We desperately need new leadership in Washington that will secure our border, stand up for America, and replace weak leaders like Joe Biden and Chris Pappas. The message must be sent that America can’t be bullied or blackmailed.”

Noveletsky has extensive experience dealing with Mexico, including fighting a national trade case to combat Mexico’s attempts to undermine the American steel industry.

Hollie Noveletsky is the CEO of Novel Iron works in Greenland, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She also served for 10 years between the US Army Reserves and NH National Guard. You can learn more about her and her campaign for Congress at