83 Percent of Granite Staters Agree on Something

March 29, 2024

This week a new UNH poll reported something I have known for months by talking to Granite Staters on the campaign trail. People in New Hampshire are concerned about illegal immigration.

The survey asked voters if they think that illegal immigration is a serious problem and a whopping 83 percent said that they thought it was a “serious problem.” In the divided times in which we live, it is hard to find a subject that has that kind of agreement.

Unfortunately, Granite Staters have a representative in Chris Pappas who has aided and abetted in this crisis at every turn. He is a career politician who has constantly supported the Biden Administration and their open border policies. It is time to make a change this November and I am determined to provide Granite Staters with a Representative who shares their concerns on the border.

My grandmother escaped the pogroms in Russia in 1913, came to America legally, and lived the American dream. As her granddaughter, I am thankful for the opportunity America provides to individuals across the globe who wish to enjoy America’s promise and opportunity. However, it must be done legally, and illegal immigration is a disservice to legal immigrants and to hardworking Americans.

In Congress, I will seek to address illegal immigration and secure the border several different ways. We need to stop providing all these benefits to illegal immigrants like free phones and debit cards. We also need to end Biden’s disastrous policy of “catch and release.” Finally, we need to return to the “Remain in Mexico” policy which was implemented during the Trump administration which prevented asylum seekers from gaining access to the US until their claim had been legally vetted.

These are some of the policies I’ll fight for and if we do that, we will begin to address something that 83 percent of Granite Staters agree on. It’s time to move past career politicians and focus on getting the job done. I’ve focused on getting the job done my whole career and I’ll do it again in DC.