Weakness has Consequences

April 15, 2024

This weekend we saw the unprecedented results of Joe Biden’s weakness. The same Iranian government that Biden attempted to give 6 billion dollars last year, launched over 300 missiles and drones directly at the state of Israel. Between Israel, the United States, and other allies in the region; most of the drones and missiles were shot down before they could cause damage. However, this attack marked serious escalation and boldness by the Iranian government.

Iran has been emboldened by the Biden administration and democrats across the country. Go back to the beginning of last week and Joe Biden was lecturing Israel about the immediate need for a ceasefire. Chris Pappas was, and still is, taking heat for refusing to condemn the lie that Israel was “targeting civilians.” Chuck Schumer, the highest ranking Jewish elected official in the US, was calling for regime change in Israel.

With the condemning of Israel, the recent attempts by democrats to give Iran 6 billion dollars, and Biden financially supporting them indirectly by easing certain sanctions; should we have expected anything other than increased aggression? When our enemies’ aggression is accepted and incentivized, you will get more of the same.

Just a few short years ago, the world looked very different. President Trump pursued a strong foreign policy that put America first, put our enemies on notice, and assured our allies that we had their backs. But like everything else, Joe Biden came in and set the world on fire.

Our enemies know that Biden is weak and as a result have been emboldened across the globe. Russia, China, ISIS, Hamas, and Iran have all pushed the envelope under this administration and it has put America, our allies, and the world at risk.

We desperately need a change in DC. Chris Pappas has shown the same weakness and has supported Biden every step of the way.

It is time for a Representative who will advocate for a strong America that our allies know can be depended upon, and our enemies know they must fear. That will not happen with Joe Biden in the White House and Chris Pappas in Congress.

As a business leader, I know the importance of keeping one’s word and being there for your friends.

As an Army reserves veteran, I know the importance of a strong military and the need to focus on the mission over political correctness.

I would be honored to earn your support to help bring change to DC!