Noveletsky Calls out Biden’s Sudden Flip on Protecting American Steel

May 21, 2024

Greenland, NH – Today, conservative CEO and Army Reserves veteran, Hollie Noveletsky, called out President Joe Biden for his sudden change in policy regarding his announcement to put tariffs on various Chinese products, including Chinese steel. Her entire statement is below:

“Donald Trump was the first president to make us feel heard in the steel industry. He fought for American workers and American Steel by enacting tariffs against the Chinese who cheat and attempt to undercut the system. That’s why I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and that’s why I’m supporting him again this November.

Joe Biden hasn’t supported American made products and opposed these tariffs when President Trump pushed them. Now that Bidenomics is a bust, Biden is trying to take a page out of Trump’s policy agenda. Why? Because Trump’s policies worked.

When the American steel industry brought a federal trade case against dumped and subsidized Chinese steel, I testified in support of our industry. I reached out to meet with my federal elected officials, including Congressman Chris Pappas, to discuss the case, but in order to get a meeting with them I had to schedule it in Washington. I made the appointment with Pappas in DC, but when I got there, I only got to meet his aides.

I can say from personal experience that Joe Biden, Chris Pappas, and the radical left have not cared enough to show up to support the American steel industry against unfair Chinese practices. The only thing that has changed is that we are in an election season, and they are in trouble. They are in trouble because the policies they have pursued the past three years have been a disaster and voters are fed up.

This type of double talk from career politicians is exactly why I decided to step into this race. We need to change leadership in Washington DC, and it begins with replacing people like Joe Biden and Chris Pappas.

The fact is that career politicians like Chris Pappas haven’t fought on this issue. I am the only candidate in this race who has been on the front-lines fighting for the American worker against the predations of China. I look forward to continuing that work as a member of Congress.”