Noveletsky Issues Statement on President Trump Verdict

May 30, 2024

Greenland, NH – The congressional campaign for conservative CEO and Army Reserves veteran, Hollie Noveletsky, released her statement in response to the guilty verdict in the trial of President Trump. Her statement is below:

“This decision is a disgrace but, unfortunately, it was also expected! There was no way President Trump was going to get a fair trial given the far-left venue, the biased judge, and the self-serving political interests of the prosecutor, Alvin Bragg.

Make no mistake, this is a sad day for America! This prosecution has been brought purely for political purposes by Alvin Bragg, and the precedent it sets is scary. A country where political prosecutions are the norm is not what I want for the future of my grandchildren. It is vital we send a message loud and clear to the radical left this November by re-electing President Trump and retiring Chris Pappas from Congress.

This verdict has nothing to do with “justice.” Instead, it is all about punishing President Trump for standing up against the radical left; and now it is their desperate attempt to defeat him in his bid for re-election. It is all about deflecting scrutiny away from Joe Biden’s abysmal record on the border, inflation, energy, foreign relations, and every other aspect of his administration. The far-left knows that the American people are fed up; and they know Joe Biden can’t beat Donald Trump in November.

This decision today will backfire on the Democratic Party in a major way.”