Questions Unanswered Post-Debate

June 27, 2024

Yesterday we had the first debate with Republican candidates for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District. I appreciate the opportunity given to me by “Right of Center” and Saint Anselms College to speak about my campaign and contrast my positions with others on the stage.

A day after the debate, my questions to my opponents on the stage remain unanswered.

I asked Chris Bright to explain why he expressed openness to supporting a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the US. He refused to address it which is an answer of itself.

I also asked Bright why, in that same interview, he indicated that we should look at massive overhauls “incrementally” to our energy grid over the next 5-10 years, including stopping drilling for oil and natural gas. He didn’t answer the question.

I asked Russell Prescott why he voted to heavily cut police retirement systems in New Hampshire. That cut has contributed in a big way to the recruitment and retention issues seen across the state amongst first responders. Prescott refused to address the question.

Prescott was also asked by me about his votes to fund planned parenthood and raise tolls in the state. His response was to say I was misrepresenting his record. Here are the receipts. (Planned Parenthood) (Raising Tolls) With all due respect, this is no misrepresentation of his record.

I have, and will continue to, run a positive campaign. But pointing out inconsistencies in a person’s record is reasonable, and I think a candidate running to represent you should be honest about their record.

From Day 1, I have worked hard to always provide a clear answer to any questions that are asked of me, even if the person asking the question doesn’t agree with the answer. That won’t change!

New Hampshire needs a conservative outsider who tells it like it is and will get the job done in defeating Chris Pappas. I believe I am that candidate and would be honored to earn your support!