MEMO: Noveletsky’s Grassroots Fundraising Advantage Grows

April 17, 2024


TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Isaac Hadam, Hollie for New Hampshire

SUBJECT: Noveletsky’s Grassroots Fundraising Advantage Grows

DATE: April 17, 2024

In New Hampshire’s First Congressional District (NH-01), we are seeing a massive wave of support for one candidate in the race for the Republican nomination, Hollie Noveletsky. Since entering this race, she has outworked her opposition and has built a strong network of grassroots support which is unmatched.

Despite entering the race more than 2 months later than her opposition, Noveletsky has outraised all other republican candidates in the race in grassroots fundraising, excluding candidate loans.

Grassroots Fundraising Advantage

Noveletsky has led the field in grassroots fundraising since she announced that she was running for Congress in October of 2023. Since declaring her candidacy for Congress, she has outraised her closest Republican opponent by over $130,000 in the past two quarters. This shows that Granite Staters have overwhelmingly backed Hollie as the conservative outsider who will defeat Chris Pappas, and they are speaking with their financial support.

That strength continued last fundraising quarter as Noveletsky hauled in over $100,000 in grassroots donations while her opposition failed to raise $50,000.

Grassroots donors are overwhelmingly choosing Noveletsky, and this is forcing the other Republican candidates to dig deep into their own pockets and loan funds to their campaigns.

Donors are resonating to the conservative message and track record that Noveletsky brings to the table. They are also resonating to her background as a successful CEO and nurse, and her service to this nation as a US Army Reserves veteran. This has resulted in a massive grassroots fundraising advantage for Noveletsky, and has forced other Republican candidates to rely on personal cash instead of grassroots support.

Bottom Line: Noveletsky has had a huge grassroots fundraising advantage since she entered the race, and it continues to grow.

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