Secure the Border Now

May 13, 2024

Last week I had the opportunity to return to Pittsburg NH to tour New Hampshire’s northern border and to join a roundtable with members of the NH Senate and law enforcement. It was great to be back to meet with more local residents and officials in border patrol/police who are dealing with the issue of securing our northern border every single day.

I walked away from this tour more concerned than ever with the need to close and secure our borders! Democrats say “there is nothing to see here” regarding the northern border, but the people who are actually there tell a different story.

While there, the Border Patrol told me that they have over 7,000 arrests this fiscal year in their sector, and with 5 months to go in the fiscal year, that number has officially surpassed last year’s numbers. On top of that, because of a lack of staffing and poor telecommunications, there is concern about what is slipping through undetected. One law enforcement officer said, “There certainly are things that we do not know, and the things that we do know are enough to make us concerned.”

The Biden Administration, supported by Chris Pappas, has overseen a border crisis that is unprecedented and completely unacceptable. We need a return to the commonsense policies pursued a few short years ago by President Trump.

Career politicians are ‘all talk and no action,’ and they have gotten us into this mess. We need a change and there is a chance to reject career politicians of both parties in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District this year.

In business, I have always focused on getting stuff done and that’s the approach I want to take to Congress, especially in addressing the Biden and Pappas border crisis. I am the only candidate in this race to have actually outlined what I’d like to see happen in securing the border instead of just using vague terms. You can read the entire plan here.

For starters, we need to return to “Remain in Mexico,” put an end to “Catch and Release,” fund better technology/telecommunications for law enforcement, and stop the flow of funding to sanctuary cities and NGOs that incentivize illegal immigration.

We also need to complete the Trump Border Wall on the southwest border. I know many politicians say that, but unlike the ‘all talk and no action’ career politicians, I am the only candidate in this race who knows how to actually build it…using American Steel!

With your help, I look forward to winning this race in November and bringing real leadership to DC on behalf of the Granite State. That will include securing our borders, both borders, and ensuring the rule of law is upheld there.