Noveletsky Releases Action Plan on Supporting Israel and Combating Antisemitism

May 15, 2024

Greenland NH – Today, the campaign for Hollie Noveletsky, a conservative CEO, Army Reserves veteran, and candidate for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District, announced her plan to support Israel and combat the violent antisemitism being witnessed on college campuses.

The issue has grown more present in the minds of voters as the war in Gaza continues, and as violent protests in support of Hamas have sprung up across college campuses. It has gained additional significance as President Biden and others in the Democratic Party have waivered in their support for Israel and have only provided weak rebukes of the violence on campuses.

“Israel is our ally and I think we should support them as they fight to destroy the Hamas terrorist group. I think it’s important to actually highlight that support with a plan of action instead of the empty platitudes of career politicians,” said Noveletsky. “The same is true for what is happening on college campuses. Career politicians are happy to put out weak or generic statements for the cameras, but I think it is important we have leadership that takes the violence seriously and actually wants to address it.”

Noveletsky stands as the clear conservative outsider in the race for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District. She continues to show the importance of action over words when it comes to the issues facing New Hampshire and the United States. With her straightforward approach, and impressive background as CEO, nurse, and veteran, Noveletsky continues to position herself as the candidate who can beat Chris Pappas this November.

Hollie Noveletsky is the CEO of Novel Iron works in Greenland, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She also served for 10 years between the US Army Reserves and NH National Guard. You can learn more about her and her campaign for Congress at